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Kevin and I realized when Grady was having his first operation that we didn't qualify for any of the programs the hospital offers to keep the parents of critically ill children nearby in case of emergency. Our vision Grady's Gift is 2 fold.
  • First, we would like to improve the parent overnight rooms so parents can use them as a place to centre themselves, to regain the strength necessary to spend another day at the bedside and expand the parent overnight rooms so that more parents can be accommodated each night. So often we saw parents, exhausted and terrified, sleeping on benches and chairs from the waiting rooms pulled together in a makeshift bed because they were too afraid to leave the hospital in search of real rest. Just because a child is in Critical Care dosen't mean they're sick enough for parents to qualify for a room. There just isn't enough space. You have to put your name on a list in the morning and at the end of the day they assess all the patients and let you know if you've qualified for the night. Don't mistake this for a criticism of the hospital, it's quite the opposite really, the hospital wisely prefers to use their limited space on new things for their patients and takes care to make sure their resources are made available to the people who need it most. Who could ever complain about that? But they don't stop there, even though they could, they're open minded people and are constantly thinking of ways to do more…they're happy to improve the parent rooms and have been thinking of creative ways to fit in more rooms. We're thrilled to be able to make these rooms our first focus.

  • Second, we saw how well they used the equipment they have and we saw how much they treasured their resources. They do have a 'wish list' of machinery and equipment that they would just love to get their hands on and it is our intention to shorten this list. We all already know that The Hospital for Sick Children is an honorable place and given their track record it seems reasonable to say that if we give them what they need we'll get to keep more of our children.

Project Notes
Renovate Sick Kids over
night parent rooms
We were really excited when the hospital approved our request to renovate the parent rooms because we had spent so much time in there and knew how badly they needed a facelift. Now, almost a year later the bedrooms are completely finished. Color Confidential even designed them for us and did a whole show about the process. We're just thrilled with the way they turned out! Stay tuned because the bathroom has been started and we'll post those pictures as soon as we have them. To everyone who has made a donation to Grady's Gift: Thank you so much for everything you've all done to make this possible. It's your support and generosity that has made that hospital so fabulous. I know that each and every doctor, nurse and parent who's seen or stayed in those rooms appreciates you.

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